Bernie Walp

This is old information. I don't do much of this sort of work any more. Now I work at NASA IRTF.

Opinion Pollster

Public opinion survey research for needs analysis, public affairs problems, and political campaign management.  Both qualitative and quantitative techniques are employed.  Clients usually require strategic comment and/or specific plans.


Public Institutions:

Legal projects:

Industry groups facing political challenge:

I used to manage political campaigns:

Led and designed strategy for 45 political campaigns, 1973 to 1992, throughout California and in states of Vermont, Minnesota and Wisconsin (73% victories).  Specialist in polling and strategy development for contested ballot questions, including: In addition to the above, I have designed and carried out opinion-research projects for a number of other political consultants.


Twenty-two years' experience in political campaign management incl. thematic development, organization, strategy, radio and television production, press relations; fourteen years' experience designing and administering all aspects of public- opinion research projects incl. telephone polls, intercept surveys, and focus groups. B.A. (Mathematics), San Francisco State University. Thirty-eight years' experience in computer programming and statistics.